Episode 1: Breaking In (Start Here)

33 minutes

Ruben and Marco, two young creators from Queens, shoot their shot when they sneak out to Brooklyn for a hip-hop show and bluff their way into an artist interview. But as the friends hustle to turn the interview into a new podcast, Ruben has a panic attack and mixes up his anxiety medication... right when it’s time to hop on the mic.

Featuring Def Jam artist Nevaeh Jolie & her new song “Sorry I’m High.”

Executive Producer: Asante Blackk

Producer: Daniella Perkins

Starring: Asante Blackk and Daniella Perkins

Co-Starring: Bobby Cius, Rayme Cornell, Christopher V. Edwards and Taylor Bettinson

Written by: Taylor Bettinson and Nakia Hill

Directed By: Christopher V. Edwards







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Start listening to Episode 1: Breaking In (Start Here)
Start listening to Episode 1: Breaking In (Start Here)